5 Tips – A Sneakpeek – for your Interview Success

With the national unemployment rate sitting at 9.4 percent, a quarter century high, employment-seeking folks are looking for that something extra to set themselves apart from the pack.  But in an economy where hundreds are vying for the same position you are, being qualified just isn’t enough.  So how do you get past the gatekeepers and land your dream job?

By telling the interviewer what he/she wants to hear.  That’s the way to get the job you want.  In the book “25 things to say to the interviewer, to get the job you want,” you learn the life-skills necessary to be successful in your interview, business, career and life.  So here are a few pointers to supercharge your career and get you started:

1.  I crank out more work than is expected of me.

 I go beyond what is asked of me to produce professional work in order for my boss and my colleagues to trust me with more work, harder tasks and tighter deadlines.  The only way to win this trust is to come in early, stay late and put in all the hours I need to show my boss why he/she hired me.

2. I get to know and learn what everyone is doing in my company, especially, the movers and shakers. 

I look at the big picture of my company.  I understand that my job is just one piece of the puzzle and in order to see the big picture, I must get to know who and how the pieces fit together.  Every company has character.  The character of a company is reflected in its people.  The sooner I know how and who does what, the sooner I can start to contribute to the character and goals of this company.

3. I’ll get to know people in my business.

Doing business with people you know is better than doing business with people you don’t know. I will establish a relationship with influential people the company does business with. My work, success, livelihood, my entire career depend on the support and goodwill of everyone in my business. This means I will do everything I can to add value for this company by becoming connected.

4. I stand up and take responsibility when things go wrong.

Bosses like people who stand up and say, “It was my fault. I’m sorry. I’ll fix it. And it won’t happen again.” Everyone knows things will go wrong eventually. So what we can control is our response. Accepting responsibility and telling your boss that you made a mistake is always better than pointing blame. This shows character, and character always counts.

5. I don’t cut corners.

I take pride in my work. What I turn out says a lot about me, my subordinates, my colleagues, my boss, my company. Because of the importance of the quality of my work, and how it reflects on the company, I will not finish a project with low standards. Ever.

These five statements will give your interviewer confidence in your ability to see a bigger picture than just working a 9-5. You want a job where you can hit a homerun, and these promises will offer to your future employer a confidence in you and your abilities.

For more from Dexter Hawk’s “25 Things to Say to the Interviewer, to Get the Job

You Want,” find the audio book on Amazon.com – http://www.amazon.com/Things-Say-Interviewer-Get-Want/dp/0786173300.


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Seven Reasons Why People Should Buy “25”


  • People are looking for a new “angle” on job hunting, they want a leg up on their competition in a tight job market.
  • They want to know what the interviewer wants to hear, so they’ll know what to say to him to get the job. (Millions of people who don’t speak English will want help, too.)
  • No other job-hunting book shows people what to say. Not the contact books, the how-to books, or the resume books. None.
  • “25” is written simply, the way people speak. They can read and remember, even glance at the title-summaries before their interview. Or, listen to the audio book in their car.
  • The timing is appropriate. Over 13 million people are unemployed and are looking for jobs. Around 650,000 more every month. In Los Angeles, for example, 702,00 people are unemployed. Last year, a mind-boggling 60 million people looked for and changed jobs. And 1.6 million new college graduates will look for jobs this year, and every year. 
  • “25” isn’t a tome; it’s a useful book. People want books they can use to better their lives, they can use to make money.
  • “25” costs $14.95. Ten dollars (30% off) to get a leg up on their competition in a tight job market, ten dollars to get their lives back on track. Who says things cost too much?

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Welcome to the official blog for Dexter Hawk’s “25 things to say to the interviewer, to get the job you want.” Here you’ll find information about this powerful and inspiring audiobook that has aided job seekers and propelled an unknown author to the #1 ranking in library downloads.  

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